Nakhti University Course Format

Courses at Nakhti University are offered in two formats: Instant courses, and Pre-enrolled courses. Instant courses are immediately available. Most of our courses are instantly available upon purchase and are self-paced.

On the other hand, Pre-enrolled courses allow for group discussions.

For these courses, you will pre-enroll in Nakhti University by a deadline, complete your online orientation, and start your course on the academic session start date. Traditional pre-enrollment is required for these courses as you will need a personalized portal. If the button and description page say Pre-Enroll on the course, you will need to receive your online orientation and student portal login for your course. You will only be able to login to the Pre-Enrolled portal if you have made an account at Nakti University and are taking Pre-Enrolled courses.

You will know the difference between a Pre-Enrolled course and an Instant course via the course description page, the checkout page, and lastly by email.

The academic start date and deadlines can be found in the description of Pre-Enrolled courses. You will receive a reminder email with your start date. If enrollment is closed for a certain course, you will have to wait for the open enrollment period to begin again.

Open enrollment periods occur monthly for Pre-Enrolled courses. Once you are enrolled in a Pre-enrolled course, you will have access to the course until it has been completed.